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Assisting Hands® Home Care Hosts Discovery Day At National Office

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Nampa, ID- Two new franchise hopefuls participated in the Discovery Day held at the Assisting Hands National Office. This most recent Discovery Day hosted twin brothers, Tyler and Tanner Wilcox who are being considered for an East Florida franchise.

Assisting Hands considers it an important part of the process to take the extra time when getting to know potential franchise owners. A day before Discovery Day, President and CEO, Lane Kofoed, invites the prospects to visit his ranch and have dinner while also enjoying horseback riding. Lane and his wife, Tammy, use this time to get to know the candidates personally.

The following day the potential future franchise owners attend Discovery Day at the Assisting Hands National Office. This day is an excellent opportunity for candidates to get to know the rest of the Assisting Hands team members and experience firsthand the company’s culture right from the beginning and learn about the systems and processes in place for new franchise owners. After Discovery Day, the team decides if the candidates are a good fit as franchise owners to join their successful family of franchise owners which is referred to as the FOFO.

Assisting Hands takes immense pride in how they evaluate prospects and complete the onboarding process. The team believes in leading new owners by the company’s example of high standards, and encouraging them to use this same quality, compassion, and dependability when hiring caregivers.