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About Vend-Co






Having more than 15 years experience in the vending industry, the owners of Vend-CO were tired of seeing operators forced to pay excessively high prices for mediocre equipment, just because of a promise (often not fulfilled) of great training and support. We decided to do what is best for the operator…provide world-class equipment, training, and support, at warehouse pricing. We don’t need to get rich, we just love the vending business!




Having been deeply involved in the vending business opportunity industry for for nearly 15 years, we know how important starting with the right number of machines, getting the proper training, having that lifetime of support, and getting the best locations is. We also know the all those points can be delivered without the high prices that the business opportunities charge.

When you work with Vend-CO, you are not locked into just “HEALTHY VENDING”, or just “TRADITIONAL VENDING”. We provide the same equipment (or better, in most cases), give you more hands on machine training, the best locations, support when you need it most, and a lifetime of technical assistance…all included!






We provide 2 full days of machine training with every package purchased. You can even attend training before you purchase any machines. We are that confident in our training and our equipment. Trainings are held in our Jacksonville, FL showroom. You will get hands-on training for not only the machine but for the online tracking and management of your machines. We want you to succeed, and we know the more knowledge you have about your equipment, the better off you’ll be.



We’ve been in the vending industry for more than 20 years, and we know all machines will eventually need some attention. We help put you at ease by giving you 1 full year of parts warranty, and a LIFETIME of Technical Support. Other companies say you get a “Lifetime” warranty, but still, charge you “wholesale” cost for parts. How is that a Lifetime Warranty? How do you know what “wholesale” cost is? We don’t play these games. Our technicians will help you with every aspect by phone, skype, or facetime. We designed our machines to be user serviced in every aspect.



We provide free storage for your machines. Take advantage of bulk pricing now, and let us know when & where to ship your machines. There is no extra charge for shipping them one at a time or 5 at a time. Included in the price of every package, we’ll deliver right to your location, or your garage. Inside “white glove” delivery is available for an extra fee based on the specific situation…just provide us the details for an accurate “no profit for us” quote.



Not all operators have dreams of building a brand for their company, so our machines can be shipped plain black, with one of our custom graphics, or even with one of our graphics, but WITH YOUR LOGO. There is no extra charge for our custom graphic, but you can take a small discount if you prefer to have your machine plain black. If you want your custom logo on one of our graphics, it’s FREE! Just provide us the logo file, and we’ll do the rest!



All machine packages include the Nayax International payment system. This is the most advanced and user-friendly payment system available. You can accept credit/debit cards, apple/google pay, pre-paid and loyalty cards, and there is even an app for users. Keep track of your business online and on your own user app in real time. Know what’s going on with your machines 24/7.

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