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About Tierra Encantada






What We Do

We offer high quality child care for children ranging from 6 weeks – 6 years of age in an immersive Spanish Language environment. We focus on the growth of the whole child and believe children learn best by doing. Paired with our expert-curated curriculum, our bilingual education program fosters early cognitive development and teaches a respect for diversity. We also strive to be environmentally friendly by offering cloth diapering for children in our care and providing wholesome, organic foods cooked fresh daily in our on-site commercial kitchens.



Why Tierra Encantada?

Tierra Encantada, the Leader in Spanish Immersion Early Education®, has reinvented the childcare space and continues to define what high-quality childcare means. Their exponential growth is due not only to their proprietary approach to immersive language learning but also to their elevated culinary program and other commitments to sustainability, diversity, and inclusion which have catapulted them and their franchisees to success.

The demand for quality childcare has continued to grow during the pandemic and now with more families returning to work, they are finding waitlists that are months to sometimes years-long to enroll. Sales in 2021 climbed to an average of over $2.4 Million at each center with an average net operating income of over $617k per location.

Tierra Encantada is looking to partner with those interested in expanding their existing portfolio and making an investment that add value to their communities. An investment that does not require owner-operators, where staff are offered a career - not a job, and that has high-margin, recurring revenue.



Our Program

At Tierra Encantada we focus on the whole child and believe children learn best by doing.


Dual-Language Learning Environment

Students are immersed in a natural, dual-language learning environment with teaching, songs, games, and conversation all occurring in Spanish. Children learn a second language similar to how they learn their native language through immersion.


Continuous Exposure Learning

With continuous exposure, learning a new language tends to come quite naturally and we have children join our program at all ages. Children that join our program as infants and toddlers, typically have native comprehension and pronunciation upon graduating from our program.


Expert Curated Curriculum

Our curriculum is grounded in evidence-based research in child development and focuses on the growth of the whole child - social, emotional, physical, and intellectual - by encouraging the development of a child’s creativity and lifelong critical thinking skills through child-led, play-based experiences.



Do more than make a living Make a difference

At Tierra Encantada, we set both our families and our franchise partners up for success. Families enjoy a high-quality Spanish immersion education that gives their children a leg up as they learn and grow. Children blossom in our warm, caring learning environment that fosters their natural curiosity. Franchise partners get the opportunity to own a business that they not only make a living from but feel proud to be a part of. Partners feel confident knowing childcare is a growing market, and Tierra Encantada’s niche is at the forefront of where that market is going. Whether you are embarking on a new career, converting your Center, or adding to your investment portfolio, Tierra Encantada is here to support you in reaching your goals!



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