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Wayne and Stephanie, passionate about their Taiwanese heritage, opened the first Tapioca Express store in the San Gabriel Valley in 1999 – one of the very first boba chains in the United States. Since the beginning, Tapioca Express has harvested the finest ingredients from Taiwan and continually provides quality teas, boba, and snacks. However, we did not foresee that boba’s popularity would manifest into its own culture and become an everyday lifestyle. Today, Tapioca Express expands across California and into other states, including Washington, Texas, and Virginia. In our two decades of experience in brewing, we focus on nurturing and enriching communities with the finest teas, coffee, and boba.



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Tapioca Express was the first in North America to offer a wide selection of high quality tapioca beverage adhering to a consistently high professional standard. Since opening its first store in the city of Alhambra (located in the Greater Los Angeles, California), Tapioca Express has become synonymous to quality and innovation. While always apprehensive about consistency and quality, we have been fortunate enough to have established to date a total of forty six strong stores in the nation, and plan to make the family of 100 by the end of 2003.

Here at Tapioca Express, we try to stay one step ahead of our competitors by using high quality ingredients, maintaining a top notch team behind the counter, and providing a friendly environment, all in an effort to bring the nation the best Tapioca drinks its taste buds will ever encounter. We offer over 150 different items on the menu, ranging from juice, tea, milk tea, coffee, to our unique snow bubbles, all individually flavored and expertly prepared to quench the thirst and delight the palate.



Training & Support

- Store location inspection and assessment.
- Store operation management (forms, employees management, kitchen, beverage preparation manual, raw material management).
- Marketing and opening promotion suggestions.
- Instructors from the corporate office will inspect store on a regular basis.
- Provide new product information.
- The main raw materials will be provided by the corporate office to guarantee product quality.
- After the contract is signed, the corporate office will make arrangement for major operation staff to have six (6) days to eight (8) days intensive training in our TEI main store. The instructor will provide three (3) days instructions in your store the day before the grand opening.
- After your store opens, the corporate office will provide periodical operations training.
- The corporate office provide several free marketing and promotion proposals to your store.


We will provide an initial training program for you and your initial store manager (if different from you) for the fixed costs of $3,000. The training is at our main store at 228 W. Valley Blvd., #105, in Alhambra, CA, 91801 and/or other facility in the vicinity of our location. The training course lasts at least six (6) days and may be extended up to eight (8) days. We anticipate that the training will provide a combination of classroom and on-the-job training. Training materials are distributed at various times during the training course. The training will be provided and supervised by our restaurant operations department.

We may periodically offer additional training programs to you covering various subjects, such as new products, procedures, marketing, customer service, bookkeeping, industry/legal development. We may offer additional training programs twice a year within the greater Los Angeles area. Fees ranging from $200-500 per program may be charged to cover our costs and administrative overhead. These programs may last from one-half day to a full day.


Why Tapioca Express?

Tapioca Express a franchise opportunity from Franchise GeniusTechnical know-how transfer:

The corporate office will provide training to franchise store so that the store can meet the requirements of simplification, standardization and professionalism.


Cutting cost:

The headquarter cuts down costs through quantity purchase. Professionals from the corporate office will be responsible for R&D and delivery. Strict quality control ensures consistent quality and tastes.

TEI evaluates the franchise strictly to ensure business protection. We help the owners operate their store easily through stable growth and sharing.


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