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About SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream


Humble Family-Owned Shop to a Quickly Growing Nationwide Brand

Since 2005, Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream has built a name for itself by offering an experience like no other in the ice cream business. Add to the experience that Sub Zero uses the highest-quality ingredients that inspire customers and franchisees alike. From our humble beginning in the little town of Orem, Utah, Sub Zero has grown to an award-winning, nation-wide favorite with locations across the country.

We're looking for Quick Service Restaurant franchise partners who will bring their passion and drive for profitability to join our family of hospitable ice cream loving business owners. We provide everything you need to be successful, while you focus on what's made Sub Zero famous, inspiring customer with our delicious ice cream. Join us in our mission:

Creating smiles - one ice cream at a time.



Qualifications Of A Prospective Franchise Partner

Qualified candidates must possess an eye for operational excellence, a passion for their community, and a love of ice cream. We are looking for franchise partners that can hold to our core-values of SHOWCASING our service-oriented, customer-centric experience. Franchise Partners must possess a passion for being involved in their community, and a sheer desire to reach new heights of business opportunities through in-store operations, catering, and school science presentations.

Sub Zero uniquely provides franchise partners with generous revenue generating opportunities that no other dessert business provides. We travel well making mobile catering easy. No need to lug around tons of frozen ice cream to accommodate large events. No matter the weather, Sub Zero Ice Cream franchise partners make fresh, delicious ice cream right before each guest's eyes. 

Our catering abilities will accent the most elegant of weddings or corporate events equally. Sub Zero engages perfectly in an exciting, educational, and fun science-focused S.T.E.M. school presentation or annual school fundraiser. 

Sub Zero's prospective franchise partners must own a passion for building a brand within their community and demonstrate the ability to build a high-performing team dedicated to operational excellence and guest satisfaction.



Easy Steps to Franchise Ownership

We want the process to ownership to be simple, clear, and easy to navigate so you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. See for yourself - we have outlined each step to ownership and the process beginning with the initial conversation to your grand opening - you'll know exactly where you are regardless of the pace that gets you there.


About Us

In 2004, Jerry and Naomi Hancock owned a custom wraps restaurant and wanted to provide the same customization and freedom to customers with frozen desserts.

Armed with a chemistry degree from Brigham Young University, Jerry developed a method of freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen (which comes from the air we breathe). His technique was such a success that in 2005 he opened the first Sub Zero Ice Cream shop in Orem, Utah. Since then, Sub Zero Ice Cream has changed from a small, local business into a National and International Sensation.

Sub Zero Ice Cream will continue to be the best at offering the unparalleled ability to deliver exactly the ice cream or frozen dessert that the customer wants. At our stores, each ice cream is hand-prepared, made-to-order and flash-frozen using our patented liquid nitrogen freezing process. The result is the freshest, creamiest ice cream available, and the only place where more than a trillion combinations are possible.



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Thousands of families across the United States are joining successful franchise systems to achieve their dreams of business ownership. At first glance, the process of starting a franchise can be extremely daunting; however with proper due-diligence and open conversations with Vice Presidents of Franchise Development you will discover which franchise systems are the right fit for you and your family.