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Liquid Capital Required

About Schooley Mitchell - B2B Consulting

White Collar Professionals Wanted -

  • Professional business - for executives.
  • Low investment - Under US$150,000.
  • Very high returns - very profitable franchises.
  • Quick ROI.
  • Huge market - businesses in NA spend more than a US$Trillion annually - wastage is estimated at 35%.
  • Financial requirements - US$125,000 net worth and US$75,000 liquid capital.


Why We Are Unique

  • Contingency model - only charge clients if savings are found, which is almost always.
  • Independent of all vendors - we don't sell anything.
  • Home business or small office - your choice.
  • Very low overhead.
  • Strong niche strategy specializing in huge area of need.

What We Offer

  • Tremendous software tools.
  • Automated solution process.
  • Our franchisees can have clients anywhere in North America - no geographic restrictions.
  • Great support system and negotiating clout.


  • Outstanding initial 5 day training course - you don't have to know telecom or credit card processing.
  • 5 day one-on-one training from franchisee's home office.
  • Intensive first-year coaching and mentoring program.
  • Monthly training webinars on a variety of topics.
  • Annual training conference for all franchisees.
  • Continuous training and support for all needs - forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a franchise opportunity that will work in my area?
A: If there are businesses in your area and if they use telecommunications or merchant services, then a Schooley Mitchell franchise is a feasible business opportunity for your area.

Q: Do you have to have a telecom background to succeed with Schooley Mitchell?
A: No. All new consultants go through a training program which, among other things, gives each consultant the basic knowledge and skills necessary to deliver advice and recommendations to business clients. This is not a business that requires deep technical knowledge. We also now consult to Merchant Services (credit card processing).

Q: What is the most important characteristic of the most successful franchisees?
A: People from all backgrounds are successful franchisees. People that are comfortable speaking to other business people are what we need. Our most successful franchisees come from various backgrounds that include executives, management, sales, marketing and consulting.


"When I began my business, I set some goals for myself and I'm happy to say that I've exceeded all of them. I also really enjoy what I do and my clients enjoy the value that we create for their businesses. With continued commitment to the right activities and focusing on making clients happy, I'm confident that this will continue to be a great business."
– Geoff Poli, Franchisee, Missouri

"The business model of Schooley Mitchell allows me to have a common agenda with my clients and create a win-win proposition. The financial rewards have been tremendous. I was able to operate in the black within the first year of operations and I have now reached the upper echelon of revenues within the Schooley Mitchell system. I am certainly looking forward to the future, not only to increase my own results but to participate in a great business with great people."
– Sean Fox, Franchisee, Ohio

"The support from head office has been nothing but superlative. I have always been given the help I needed from the very beginning and it continues today. The quality of head office people is second to none. People like Peggi Griffin, Pam Duskocy, Beth McMillan, Tim Didier and Dennis Schooley are true professionals. No problem is too trivial for them and no franchisee is left adrift. Their actions constantly prove their dedication to the success of every franchise."
– John Campbell, Franchisee, Nova Scotia

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