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About Natural Life Franchise Corp.





We founded Natural Life Franchise Corp. to offer franchise opportunities in the new and dynamic marketplace of all-natural wellness products, including CBD, kratom, and kava. We employ cutting-edge technology and the latest in franchise management techniques to ensure your success.



With the legalization of hemp in 2018, CBD became a lucrative investment opportunity. It is projected to become a $16 billion business by 2025. Natural Life has ridden that wave in the last two years, with a revenue explosion at our company-owned stores. Studies show that nearly 22 million Americans use CBD as a supplement, with that number increasing each month. In five years, it is expected to grow 8 times that amount. A Natural Life franchise allows you to be your own boss while living your values by bringing natural wellness to more and more people.




NATURAL LIFE is an industry leader and the first of its kind.

We pride ourselves in providing industry leading products and educational services to our communities.

With over 10+ years experience in retail and natural wellness we are excited to expand our brand and our amazing services to a city near you.


Ready to be your own boss?

NATURAL LIFE is excited to offer franchise opportunities. We could be pioneering this new industry together and NOW is the time to corner the market.


The Market

Our CBD stores have seen an explosion of growth over the last two years, with consistent increases in sales. Nearly 7% of Americans already use CBD, with nearly 25 million people projected to be regular users in the next five years.


Our Competitive Advantages

We carry a wide variety of CBD, kratom, and kava products from numerous suppliers. This built-in redundancy insulates our stores against shortages due to such unpredictable events as manufacturer recalls or negative press.



The Natural Life Franchise Solution

We offer an easy to follow, proven plan to open a Natural Life store in as little as 2-3 months. Some highlights include:


Customer-Focused Design

A Natural Life store conveys a clean, comfortable and inviting retail experience. We use attractive glass cabinets with bright LED lighting. The decorations are made up of life like vegetation throughout. We assist with each store design and guide you through the entire buildout.


Industry’s Largest Inventory

What sets Natural Life apart from other stores is our huge selection of products. Natural Life is proud to say we have the largest selection of CBD, Kratom, Kava and other natural alternatives on the market. Natural Life has a product for every need, every age, and every price point.


Smart Marketing Assistance

Natural Life is continuously improving outreach and influence on all potential customers. We utilize all marketing and media outlets to reach potential customers. The franchisee’s monthly fees will contribute to a marketing fund used for all brand marketing including local, state and national advertising campaigns.


An Educated Staff

At Natural Life we are big believers in offering an abundance of knowledge and education on the products we offer. All Natural Life employees are required to take training on CBD and other natural wellness products. Once courses are successfully passed, certificates are issued and displayed in our stores. Together we will be breaking stigmas and educating our communities regarding the natural wellness products we offer.


Becoming Your Own Boss

Natural Life has endeavored to take all the guesswork and a lot of the risks out of starting your own business. From the time you join the Natural Life family we will be there to help you every step of the way. We begin by selecting the best location and end with the planning of the store’s grand opening celebration. We look forward to helping you with the opening of your own Natural Life.



If you are ready to be your own boss while helping others toward natural wellness, become a Natural Life franchisee today.

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