My Kensington Nanny and Home Services

Liquid Capital Required

About My Kensington Nanny and Home Services

Kensington Nanny is an existing, fully established, revenue generating office in South Florida that is selling its office and franchise system.



1. This is a full-operating office with over a decade of income history for sale. The geographic territory covers an area that has seen substantial increase in the target market in the last 12 months and is anticipated to be a continued growth market.

2. The services include: recruiting and placement of nannies in-home, babysitting services for homes, hotels and resorts, and group childcare for weddings and corporate events.

3. Due to the nature of this business, and to ensure quality, the new owner should ideally reside in the South Florida area to ensure applicants are evaluated in person.

4. This office for sale covers Broward and Palm Beach counties. The opportunity for increased revenue exists in this market as well as in territory expansion.

5. A fully operating on-line marketing program is in place to ensure the company retains its top SEO and SEM search presence.



Market Analysis Summary 

South Florida is a large opportunity market for in-home childcare providers. Currently, Kensington Nanny services only two counties - Palm Beach and Broward. The target market for this business is the top 10% income earners who have children from ages newborn to 12 years. There are currently over 170,000 families whose income is in the top 10%.

Additionally, Palm Beach and Broward counties are two of the largest tourism destinations in the United States. Palm Beach county chamber of commerce estimated there were over eight million visitors in 2019. In Broward county, the count was almost thirteen million in the same year. 


Target Market Segment Strategy 

Kensington Nanny’s segments are unique depending on the type of services being marketed. These segments are categorized by individuals, services and businesses. 

  1. Home Segment
  2. Hospitality Segment
  3. Services Segment
  4. Child-related Business Segment 



The Kensington Brand 

The Kensington brand has been carefully curated over the past 18 years to represent integrity and trust. Trust matters because hiring a Nanny to care for children requires a cautious and responsible mindset. Acting ethically for the good of the family and staff is a key ingredient to ensuring a successful staffing business. 

Kensington sharply focuses on building and maintaining a superior brand by upholding the highest recruiting and placement standards. Recognition within the community as a highly coveted placement service has attracted top families and professional Nannies both in and out of the country. Referrals are an integral part of the business. They are given based on the client’s and candidate’s experience of receiving superior products and services. 


Earning Potential 

My Kensington Nanny is a top South Florida nanny agency that offers an existing revenue stream that you will step into. The current owner will help you effectively transition. When you are ready, Kensington Nanny will review all your financial and funding options to ensure that you have a solid foundation for your new business. 

One of the reasons you’re looking for a business to buy in the first place is to maximize your chances of being successful. Having a solid business system in place from day one can help to ensure success. As you know, success comes down to the commitment and effort you’re going to implement in your office, and the effort you make to transition into selling more franchise offices if you wish. 

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