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Jon Smith Subs is proudly entrenched in the fast-casual niche market, and ranks right alongside industry leaders on the subs franchise leaderboard.

But what makes Jon Smith Subs stand out when compared to any other subs franchise? For starters, it’s our commitment to quality and value.

We aren’t your average cornerstore sub franchise. You’re not going to find frozen materials in our kitchen. Every meal we make is prepared fresh, on the spot, made to order for the customer with a special Jon Smith Subs touch. You can go to a lot of places to get a sub, but you can’t get a Jon Smith sub. Once we get customers in the door, we win. Every single time.



One of consumers’ favorite things about Jon Smith Subs is its “fast-casual” style. With our freshly-made food and commitment to quality, this is the perfect style for a subs franchise.

But maybe you’ve never heard of the fast-casual restaurant before. We’d understand if you hadn’t, though you’ve probably been to one before. So what is fast-casual? We combine the convenience and speed of a fast food restaurant with an upscale dining locale. That means you’ll order at the counter, sit down at a table, and have food delivered to you as soon as it’s finished. It’s the quality of a full-service restaurant with the convenience of fast food.

Consider these industry numbers: consumers spent $21 billion at sandwich and sub franchises last year alone, per IBISWorld, while the industry as a whole has grown an average of 2.8 percent annually for the past five years. Consumers spent $245 billion in the fast food industry last year, an industry that has seen 3.2 percent average annual growth over the past five years. In the chain restaurant industry, consumers spent about $112 billion last year, while the industry has grown, on average, 3.7 percent every year for the past five. And in the restaurant industry as a whole, consumers spent a whopping $762 billion in 2016 – with projections to hit $799 billion in 2017.

But will those trends continue? Let’s turn to the bulk of the population spending money on food: millennials and their parents.

As the economy continually improves, IBISWorld reports that consumer confidence will grow and they’ll budget increasing amounts of money for eating out. And that major increase in spending projected for 2017 we mentioned above? It’s being driven by the fast-casual industry, as consumers continue shifting their spending toward quicker, more convenience-oriented options, reports the National Restaurant Association. And how about sales in the fast-casual business? They’ll be up another 2.5 percent to around $234 billion this year. The growth rates in the fast casual business are doubling those of full-service restaurants, “millennials have turned increasingly to fast-casual restaurants to satisfy their hunger when dining out.”

After 30 years, we understand what we do and how to deliver the best product possible to our customers. And with the backing of franchise giant United Franchise Group – who also has been in business for over 30 years – we pack quite a punch in our industry.





Sub sandwiches are a classic American favorite, and their popularity is undisputed. Sandwiches are a staple of the quick-service restaurant industry, and Jon Smith Subs sandwich shop franchise stands out from the competition! This quick-service model is increasing in popularity as a dominant player in franchising. Our dedication to stand out with high-quality ingredients and clean, comfortable restaurants have made us a favorite in the communities we serve.

Finding your ideal location is easy with our Jon Smith Subs team! A no-brainer, what town couldn’t use a tasty new sub shop franchise? With the help of our Jon Smith Subs team, you will have no trouble identifying your target market and getting a strong start.

We want to help you grow, so this type of support does not limit itself to finding your ideal location. You will not be growing an independent, unproven business model. Our ongoing marketing support will help promote your restaurant to bring in as much traffic as possible. Our support and training methods have been perfected from years of starting new sub franchise locations just like yours.

Now, you can join our established brand by investing in a Jon Smith Subs franchise location of your own!



There’s a High Demand for High Quality.


Like any new business, investing in a Jon Smith Subs restaurant requires a significant investment. However, compared with similar franchises (or the high cost of going it alone), many of our franchisees find that our investment is relatively low! Best of all, we’ve spent decades helping new Jon Smith Subs owners get their doors open. We’ve developed a comprehensive breakdown of the costs associated with opening a new restaurant, helping our franchise partners to avoid unexpected costs.




There’s nothing more satisfying than turning your passion for food into a business. You get to share your love of food with other people and make them happy with quality products and service. When you own a Jon Smith Subs franchise, you can do just that.

By investing in our sub shop franchise, you get the support and training you need to steer you down the path of a successful sub sandwich business. We give you everything you need to operate your store and help will always be available for any of your questions and concerns. If you own a Jon Smith Subs franchise, you own a piece of our family, and your success is the bar by which we judge ours.

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