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Liquid Capital Required

About Inspection Boys

The Inspection Boys is the Most Inexpensive and Reasonable Franchise Opportunity in the Home Inspection Arena.



1. A true partnership, we value our franchisee partners and place their success at the top of our priorities. The Inspection Boys will assist each location every step of the way to maximize there potential!

2. Corporate owners are licensed inspectors and teachers in the industry. We have the ability to advise our partners more accurately having done everything you will do and need to do first.

3. The Inspection Boys unmatched marketing strategies to maximize exposure day one you are in operation!

4. Potential of an increased position with corporate for newly opened locations to help with development in their area.

5. The only franchise willing to back up their talk and show the confidence in their ability to assist each franchisee grow and succeed.



Why “Home Inspections”?

For starters, let’s discuss DEMAND. The average American purchases 2-3 homes in their lifetime. Currently, the U.S. population is estimated to be 325 million with a consistent increase of over 2 million each year. Why is this important? More people means more housing is needed which equals continuous building to support the demand. In 2017, there were approximately 6 MILLION HOME SALES and roughly 5 MILLION HOME INSPECTIONS, which adds up to a roaring ratio close to 85% of all the real estate transactions. NO PRIOR CONSTRUCTION OR BUILDING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED. What is required is a dedicated individual who is willing to work hard and strive to improve each day.

Besides the great demand for home inspections, it is simply one of the fastest and most affordable methods to develop a rock solid business in a thriving industry that will consistently provide you with a steady income.

In addition, it will give you the freedom to work from the comfort of your home with a low overhead and the potential to build a business to be proud of while creating wealth and equity.



Why “The Inspection Boys”?

Just ask our newest franchisee partners! We are simply the best choice when considering entering the home inspection arena. We recognize that there are other home inspectors in the market, however, at The Inspection Boys, we place a value on customer service and customer loyalty. We can only achieve our lofty goals by partnering with like-minded individuals who want to exceed their customer’s expectations each and every day. Our business is more than home inspections; it’s all about our customer. This customer centric focus separates us from our competitors and drives market demand for our services. If you are new to the home inspection industry, you are joining a team that cares for and supports you from day one. If you are already in the business and struggling to create your market, our team can re-energize, and re-focus your efforts by providing an unmatched system of doing business. Purchasing a franchise or any new business is one of the biggest decisions you can make, and we understand that. Here at The Inspection Boys, our founders passionately believe in supporting each and every franchise partner that joins our team. We are not a “set it

and forget it” franchise that gives you the “game plan” and pushes you out the front door after training. We maintain constant open lines of communication with each franchise partner because your success is our success! Our mission is to put each franchise partner in position to not only succeed, but to grow their business to heights that never seemed possible! We will be here to support, motivate, and educate you along your pursuit of greatness! Our hands-on approach gives each franchisee the feel of having an on-site partner without splitting half their income for it!

We don’t bog you down with extra fees, monthly minimum charges, or any other monthly payments that could add to the challenges of running a small business. Not only are we a Home Inspection Franchise Company that has the lowest start-up cost and lowest royalty program in the industry; we also offer the largest value for the investment. Plus, our state-of-the-art marketing software helps you find, identify, and engage customers faster than you ever thought possible. Our system truly provides you the feeling of being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


What’s the Cost to get me started?

The Inspection Boys is the most Inexpensive Franchise Opportunity in the Home Inspection Arena that offers the MOST VALUE to their franchisee partners.

When you join The Inspection Boys, we will review all your financial and funding options to ensure that you have a solid foundation for your new business and you’re on the road to succeed! The Franchise fee is $39,500.

Our goal is to ensure that you’re making a confident decision as well as being comfortable with your new partners. We look forward to having a very successful and profitable venture together!


How much $$ will I earn?

As the old saying goes, “Garbage In – Garbage Out” which translates into the harder you work – the sweeter the results.

One of the reasons you’re buying a franchise in the first place, is to maximize your chances of being successful by having a PROVEN system in place from day one! In short, it all comes down to the commitment and effort you’re going to implement in your local territory, that will be the deciding factor in shaping your success. We are confident that collectively there is nothing that we can’t help you accomplish.

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Thousands of families across the United States are joining successful franchise systems to achieve their dreams of business ownership. At first glance, the process of starting a franchise can be extremely daunting; however with proper due-diligence and open conversations with Vice Presidents of Franchise Development you will discover which franchise systems are the right fit for you and your family.