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About HHO Carbon Clean Systems



Join this first mover to offer fuel savings and improved engine performance

HHO Carbon Clean Systems offers mobile hydrogen carbon cleaning services for all internal combustion engines, increasing performance, lengthening the life of critical engine components, and most importantly, saving our customers money.  For the cost of a premium oil change or a high efficiency air filter, HHO saves customers 9% on average for fuel expenses along with decreased breakdowns and downtime.

With applications in the Auto, Trucking, and Construction Equipment Industries, HHO has created a unique business opportunity in a $1.19T (with a ‘T’) market with little to no competition in U.S. markets.  HHO is able to work on upwards of 85% gross profit margins because the only inputs are distilled water and electricity to operate our hydrogen carbon cleaning machine.  HHO is an ideal business opportunity for entrepreneurs of all stripes who are willing to hustle and close deals with fleet operators big and small.



Why HHO Carbon Clean Systems?

- HHO has the first mover advantage in virtually every U.S. market
- Low to no competition for comparable services
- Continued environmental standards all but guarantee further expansion of the market
- 85% profit margins on an essential service
- Offer customers an average of 9% improvement in MPGs



How Our HHO1500 Generator Works

On all internal combustion engines, carbon buildup in the combustion chamber is the common culprit in many issues that rob an engine of horsepower and drivability.  This buildup adds friction and inefficiency to the combustion equation and cumulatively decreases the performance that the engine had when it was new. The advent of direct injection in gasoline engines has increased the likelihood that carbon buildup will occur even on the intake side of the combustion chamber, furthering potential problems.

In addition to carbon buildup on gasoline engines, diesel engines have turbos and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) that are also significantly affected.  Buildup on these parts cause a decrease in boost, horsepower, and pressure which are integral to a diesel’s design.  Routine carbon cleaning extends the life of these parts, potentially saving over $10,000 in repairs.


HHO Carbon Clean Systems uses distilled water and electrolysis to produce Oxyhydrogen gas, which is then introduced into the air intake of the engine.

The reaction during the combustion causes a phase change in carbon deposits, returning to a gaseous state, which is then expelled through the exhaust system.

HHO Carbon Clean Systems uses no harsh chemical detergents or solvents during the hydrogen carbon cleaning procedure.

HHO Carbon Clean Systems removes built up carbon from internal engine components, including pistons, cylinders, turbos, EGR valves, catalytic converters, diesel exhaust filters, etc.

Hydrogen carbon cleaning technology can also prevent carbon buildup if performed as part of routine preventative maintenance schedule.

Old or new, our engine carbon cleaning system can produce significant results including restored performance, increased fuel economy, and lowered emissions.  No invasive engine tear down required. No oil change needed after the service.  Providing the service is a low labor activity that takes approximately 5 minutes to attach or detach after the 25-45 minute service is completed.  Simply said:


“Clean Engines, Run Better”



Multiple Market Channels

The HHO franchise has impacts in over a $1.2 Trillion market space: Auto Industry, Trucking Industry, and Construction Equipment.  This is not to mention agricultural, municipalities, or marine industries.

- Automotive Maintenance
- Fleet Vehicles (Trucking)
- Municipalities
- Farm Equipment
- Construction Equipment
- Marine industry
- ANY industry based on an internal-combustion engine
- Multiple Revenue Streams
- Mobile Services- Provide the mobile HHO Carbon Cleaning service that has over 80% margins.
- Dealership Leasing Program- Lease the HHO1500 generator to local auto detailing shops or car washes as additional service.
- Generator Sales- Franchisees have right to sell generators in their territory. 




HHO hosts a week of training at their headquarters in Metropolis, IL.  There are 3 days in the classroom learning about engines, HHO technology, business development, operations, sales, and the benefits of carbon cleaning.  Then participants spend 2 days in field training working with engine types varying from American and foreign sedans, to semi trucks, and construction equipment.   

There is weekly mentoring for three months after the franchisees return to their community and launch their business.  


Ideal Candidate

- High Integrity - Faithful with commitments. Seal the deal with a handshake.
- High Energy - Strategic and consistent action generates results! 
- Growth Minded - Increase awareness.  Increase clients. Increase applications.  Increase earnings!
- You must have a minimum of $100k in liquid capital, and be ready to make a full-time commitment.

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