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Gyro Shack is growing Greek.

Looking for great partners to share the Gyro Shack’s deliciously fresh and distinctive fast-food alternative that inspires customers to come back to The Shack again and again.

Read on and go Greek with us.




The Gyro Shack provides customers with fresh, authentic gyros at an unrivaled, made-to-order pace. The delicious, fast-casual food is based on recipes lovingly crafted by founder Gus Zaharioudakis.

The Gyro Shack's delicious sandwiches are nothing less than authentic, using homemade hummus, tzatziki, spicy green sauce and veggie patties and fresh vegetables.

We pride ourselves on providing both authentic and unique takes on the traditional, Greek gyro. Our delivery of an exceptional product occurs in a manner that allows only the freshest of ingredients to be delivered at an unrivaled made-to-order pace!




Gyro Shack franchisees get the benefit of Seth Brink and Doug Miller's combined 30 years of experience in the franchise fast-casual restaurant industry. Franchisees are provided with unparalleled support—no one is required to pay for something they're not going to get.

Customers of The Gyro Shack expect authentic food delivered face-to-face and quickly. That means drawing on the long tradition established by founder Gus Zaharioudakis.



Why Our Franchise?

We'll be there right from the start, guiding you with recommendations on site selection and lease terms as well as specifications and layouts for your franchise location. The Gyro Shack offers franchisees comprehensive training, access to The Gyro Shack brand including exclusive trademarks, key vendors and suppliers, grand opening assistance, advertising assistance, and ongoing corporate support.



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