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Our training methods have developed and evolved from over 30 years of coaching and personal training. Our system has helped thousands of players improve their ability to shoot the basketball. As we train, we instill confidence in each of our players as we focus on all 4 ways the score the ball: Attacking the basket, free throws, mid-range shots and 3-point shots.



Over 30 years of Coaching and Training Experience

400+ Weekly Trainees

Certified Trainers with Years of Playing and Training Experience


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In High school Basketball most kids are one dimensional they are either good at attacking the basket or good at shooting 3s and if you are one dimensional you will be easy to shut down because coaches today scout opposing players so if your one dimensional you will be easy to shut down!!! so at complete shooter we work on the 4 ways of scoring in a game so you can become multi dimensional and impossible to be shut down

We have 30 years of training experience and have developed a training system that is proven we have over 400 kids that have received state recognition. we have sold 22 Business Licenses in the state of Utah we have developed a train and practice app that makes your training simple and easy and a practice app that holds the player accountable to ensuring they do there works outs at home this is a huge game changer.



Training & Support

We train the owners and train the trainer system is second to none we do all hands on training you are learning in the gym and all of our drills that you will be teaching are all professionally done on video also all your trainers are trained by headquarters so no reason to be intimidated about training. we also provide on going training for running business by providing a back office that helps with registration training apps of lessons and training apps for individual work outs its all interactive between you and your students there is nothing like it in the Basketball training world so come join a great business.

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Ideal Candidate

We are looking for the following kind of owners:

- loves the game of Basketball
- has a passion to help kids reach their Basketball dreams
- have a strong work ethic
- honest and forthright in their dealings with there fellow beings
- be a total professional in how they work and help kids



My Dad Loved the game of Basketball so his love for it got me interested at the age of 5 I'm now 65 so I have the game of 60 Years ,I played all growing , I played on our local team we had the same team from 2nd grade to 8th grade and we only lost one game in all those years it was so fun to play with your buddies and be successful. I went on to be a stater on our junior high team as a 8th and 9th grader and then went on to be a high School Varsity starter my junior. and senior year my love for the game continued to grow. the next 3 years my 2 two older brothers and my Dad formed a travel team and played in tournaments around the country and one year we wet undefeated 33-0 that was a year I will never forget playing with my brothers and having my Dad coach us I got married and started having kids and coach them as they got older we had 6 kids and I coached each one of them in over 100 games a year they all went on to play high school ball and some went on to play college. I have coached over 3500 games but with all that being said the one thing that was constant was we all bought in to individual workouts so the we started Complete shooter in 2008 we wanted to make it about individual workouts so kids come to a once a week shooting lesson where we work on the 4 ways of scoring in a game attacking the basket drills, foul shooting, the mid range and shooting 3s we have had a lot of success helping kids become multi dimensional our system is proven we started out in one gym with 64 kids coming per week and have grown it into 700 kids a week in 26 different gyms and sold 22 business licenses so come joy system where you run the system and the system runs the business.

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