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About Blue Chip Cookies

We are famous for our gourmet cookies but our franchising opportunity is so much more than just our delicious gourmet cookies. Explore the unique opportunity to sell not only fresh baked Blue Chip Cookies...but Blue Chip Cookies' own Gourmet Coffee, Blue Chip Cookies Gourmet Ice Cream made right in the store and it doesn't stop there...Baked fresh every morning...Delicious Blue Chip Melt-A-Ways, Muffins, Scones, Cinnamon Buns and Breakfast Sandwiches.

"Whether it's a drip, latte or cappuccino, Americans are hopelessly addicted to their coffee. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, specialty coffee was an $11 billion industry in 2005, up from $9.6 billion in 2004. But some historians theorize that what Americans are really looking for in their cup of joe is a sense of belonging."

Startups Magazine-Spring 2007

As a franchisee you are awarded the Franchise license to use the Blue Chip Cookies name, trademark, exclusive operating system, training procedures, marketing programs, products, recipes, manuals and all other aspects of the franchise system.



Products & Services

Our Mission...We measure our success by the number of customers we deliver the “Yumm” experience to. The “Yumm” experience is excellence in taste, the quality in product, the warmth of the atmosphere we create and the spirit in which we deliver. We realize our success when we make a difference in the community we serve and when our customers return.

Blue Chip means "Excellence." At Blue Chip Cookies, excellence is not just a word, but also a way of doing business. Excellence is selection, quality, ingenuity, taste, customer service, employees, stores and network of our gourmet cookie franchises.

From the beginning, it was obvious that Blue Chip Cookies was not going to be just another cookie store. When the doors of the first store on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf opened in March 1983, the public fell in love with the aroma and taste of these unique gourmet cookies. By introducing the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie to the United States, Blue Chip Cookies began its history of offering innovative, new tastes in gourmet cookies in addition to standard cookie favorites such as the much-loved Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Still, there's nothing basic about any of our gourmet cookies. Baked from scratch every day, our "Always Fresh" gourmet cookies are made with only the highest quality ingredients and no preservatives. Each location scoops and mixes fresh ingredients for each batch of our gourmet cookies. This is our deliver freshness and the "ULTIMATE COOKIE EXPERIENCE" to our customers.



Training & Support

Blue Chip Cookies a franchise opportunity from Franchise GeniusTraining

Phase 1: As a franchisee, you will attend Blue Chip College, 10 days (2 weeks with a weekend between) of comprehensive training at our corporate training center in Loveland, Ohio. Training is done in 3 ways: Classroom (20%), Field Trips (15%) and Stores (65%). While training at our Corporate Headquarters, you will receive hands-on experience working and operating one of our corporate stores.

Phase 2: You will also receive 3 days of training on-site at your location. Our training programs cover all aspects of operating a Blue Chip

Cookies franchise and includes everything you will need to run your business! Phase 3: Ongoing site visits and ongoing phone contacts.



Site Selection and Store Build-Out

The most important decision you will make after the have decided that Blue Chip Cookies Franchise opportunity is a match to your business goals is the selection of the site for your new store. Blue Chip Cookies Management will consult with you on your site locate. Principles to use when selecting a new site:

Visibility from road.

Traffic patterns for ease of morning coffee stop-morning traffic flow.

40 miles per hours or less-traffic can easily stop.

Easy access in the store parking and back onto road.

Ease of parking

Signage opportunities-clear visibility.

Close to major building: Schools, Hospitals, Office Building, Shopping etc..

Businesses nearby.

Rent estimated 10% of revenues.

Growth opportunities.

Other restaurants successful for over 5 years.

Meets demographic strategies.

In addition, we have created a national alliances to handle all aspects of your store build out.



Are You a Good Fit for Blue Chip Cookies?

Blue Chip Cookies will be offering a limited number of franchises to individuals who meet our qualifications. We're looking for people who have strong connections within their communities, and also possess a combination of solid "people," communications, and problem-solving skills.

You should have a high energy level coupled with the ability to manage the day-to-day operations of a retail business. You must have both the ability and desire to follow a system. Basic business skills, including bookkeeping and human resources are requirements of the position.

Blue Chip Cookies' superior quality, proprietary products have been developed, refined and time-tested for more than 20 years. We've arrived at a customer pleasing mix of some of the hottest commodities in today’s restaurant industry. And now we're offering you the opportunity to become a part of it.

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Thousands of families across the United States are joining successful franchise systems to achieve their dreams of business ownership. At first glance, the process of starting a franchise can be extremely daunting; however with proper due-diligence and open conversations with Vice Presidents of Franchise Development you will discover which franchise systems are the right fit for you and your family.