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About Aire-Master Of America


About Aire-Master of America

Aire-Master of America is a Scent Marketing and Odor Control Service Company that currently has 117 franchises across the country. We are actively looking to add more franchisees to our system!

Aire-Master of America provides these Scent Marketing and Odor Control services to B2B markets including: high end apartments, hotels, casinos, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, clinics, restaurants, daycare centers, fitness centers, retail stores, and many more. Our services provides their guests with an enhanced guest experience. We help them promote a better brand image and provide them with a ROI on their investment in our services.



Our services include:

SCENT MARKETING- We use the power and science of scent to enhance a customers brand experience.

ODOR CONTROL- We eliminate bad odors and leave businesses smelling great.

HAND CARE & OTHER ADD ON ITEMS- Aire-Master of America has additional products and services that you can sell to our customers that they need and use every day. This increases your revenue and profits for each service visit.



We’ve Been Around Awhile!

Aire-Master of America has been around since 1958 and starting franchising in 1976. We have become the market leader in providing local scent marketing and odor control services to businesses.

We continue to grow every year by being the best at what we do.


What We Do

We have grown to be a national service leader by utilizing our variety of Aire-Master commercial fragrance diffusers for a business's small, medium, and large spaces. We set up our customers on a 28 day service route schedule, to provide them with excellent, local service. Our customers love dealing with local service providers that care about them and their business.

Scent Marketing-We use the power of scent to help provide a warm, welcoming, and positive experience for their customers & guests. A scented environment increases repeat business and repeat customers. We can use one of our many fragrances from our eight theme categories: Calming, Exotic, Fresh, Fun, Inviting, Romantic, Uplifting, and Welcoming.

Odor Control- We eliminate bad odors and leave their facility smelling great! We do not "mask or cover up" odors, we eliminate them with our proprietary deodorant. We do this by utilizing the correct size Aire-Master diffuser appropriate for their space. Every 28 days, we return and replace the fragrance/deodorant oil inside the unit. The customer doesn't have to do anything- we provide the equipment, batteries, diffuser oils, and service it for them.



Is It Time To Be Your Own Boss?

Our franchise model is flexible enough to accommodate your personal vision. You can run this business from your home. As you grow your business and build your customer base, you can hire employees to help you sell new business and service existing customers.


Training and Support

Each Aire-Master of America franchisee completes one week of initial training at our corporate headquarters. Training is conducted by the members of our management team. During this week of training, the new franchisee will learn all about our products and services, and spend time in the field learning how to sell new prospects and service existing customers.

After the initial training week, the new franchisee receives a week of one-on-one field sales training at their location with an Aire-Master of America corporate sales representative. They will work with you in your new franchise area, teaching you how to make prospect calls and setting up trials using our proven sales strategies.

Ongoing training happens every month with 6-regional calls and a national sales growth teleconference. We also have a 3-day Aire-Master National Conference every June for the entire franchise system, where we do a lot of specialized training for all of our franchisees.



Recurring Revenue

Aire-Master of America's repeat-business model means stability of income. Servicing customers every 28 days creates a consistent revenue stream with 13 billing periods a year, year after year. You talk with your customers every service visit, and try to help them resolve any issues or challenges that they are having. We strive to build long lasting personal and business relationships with them.


Any Business Can Be a Customer

Any business with a public restroom is a potential customer. Aire-Master is not dependent on any single industry or market. Our customers include apartment communities, hotels, casinos, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, retail stores, fitness and recreation centers, banks, universities and schools, churches, and many more!


Working Behind the Scenes for You

At Aire-Master, we do our best to stay ahead of the curve by staying aware of trends and changes in our industry. We continually work to expand our franchise system, enhance our services, and maintain the high quality of our products and equipment. We lead monthly teleconferences to help each franchise profitably grow their business. Franchisees share their best practices during these calls to help their regions, and the company achieve high growth.


We Just May Be Made for Each Other!

It's an exciting opportunity to start your own business. You can choose to grow and develop a new franchise area, or you can buy an established franchise that already has an existing customer base and monthly revenue stream.


We do require that potential Aire-Master franchisees understand that this is a full time, 40 hours/week job to prospect, sell, and service our business customers in a specific geographic area. We are looking for people who have some basic sales skills and service skills experience, and it is helpful to have some skills in being able to do the bookwork associated with running a small business. The average cost to purchase an Aire-Master franchise is only around $40K-$55K. We do require a documented minimum total Net Worth (Assets - Liabilities = Net Worth) of $250,000, or access to this amount via a Small Business Loan, other bank loan, or financial backing by a partner or relative.

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Thousands of families across the United States are joining successful franchise systems to achieve their dreams of business ownership. At first glance, the process of starting a franchise can be extremely daunting; however with proper due-diligence and open conversations with Vice Presidents of Franchise Development you will discover which franchise systems are the right fit for you and your family.