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About 770 HARD CASH


770 HARD CASH is a leader in providing time-sensitive financing to real estate investors for the purchase and rehab of residential and commercial properties. Take advantage of this highly lucrative opportunity today!

Now is a great time to become part of the booming real estate industry! Real estate investors/rehabbers need “hard” money to do business! No real estate license required; no mortgage experience required. Use our lenders' money (not yours!) to create a significant six-figure income working from home.

Example: Only one $200,000 loan/week x 2% - 3% (“points”) = $4,000 - $6,000 Weekly Income 
X 52 weeks = $208,000 - $312,000 Gross Annual Income. (Assuming no Sales Associates.)


  • A lucrative business you’ll be proud to own and excited about doing every day!
  • A scalable, home-based business that out-markets the competition.
  • A proven system that works: all training and support provided. Simple, direct, effective.
  • A realistic opportunity to create a six-figure income with our Fast Start Program.
  • Significant opportunities for additional income by wholesaling, fixing/“flipping”, etc.
  • Make both residential and commercial loans with our institutional and private lenders.
  • Low total investment relative to income potential; $3,000 discount for qualified veterans.
  • Ongoing support for long-term success: online webinars, newsletters, support staff.
  • No receivables; no large investment in equipment or inventory; no long-term leases. 
  • Excellent reputation/track record for fast, reliable, on-time and accurate closings.
  • No geographical restrictions; you can make hard money loans anywhere you like. 


  • Initial Franchise Fee: $29,950 (Qualified veterans receive a $3,000 discount.)
  • Liquid Capital Required: $50,000 (Including Initial Franchise Fee)
  • Total Investment: $49,650 – $99,450


With many years of highly successful mortgage lending experience behind him, Derek Harris founded 770 HARD CASH, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Since inception, our success has been based on unique marketing strategies, competitive lending programs and our focus on 100% customer satisfaction. 

Our customers keep us as their preferred hard money lender because they know they can count on us to perform consistently, competitively and on a timely basis.

  • They appreciate our customer service and loan processing support.
  • They benefit from 770 HARD CASH having a wide range of competitive lenders and lending programs.
  • We don't exaggerate our loan funding offerings; our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations.
  • We can close very fast, if necessary. The typical loan takes about 10 business days to close, once we have a complete loan package from our client.
  • We "out-market" the competition with aggressive and highly-effective marketing tools, programs and strategies.

We follow this business strategy because it works: we've had many customers switch to 770 HARD CASH from other hard money lenders; these customers were simply not satisfied with their previous lender. We have many happy clients and are meeting our goal of virtually 100% customer satisfaction!

In March of 2017, Dan Driscoll joined 770 HARD CASH, LLC for the purpose of creating a national Franchisor for hard money lending, based on the success of 770 HARD CASH, LLC.

From October 2014 until March of 2017, Mr. Driscoll was a rehabber of residential properties. For the years prior to October of 2014, Mr. Driscoll was an Atlanta-based Real Estate Sales Consultant. He has handled more than $500,000,000 in real estate sales/transactions as a real estate broker and developer.

In the early 1990's, Mr. Driscoll was co-owner of First Discount Travel (FDT), an Atlanta-based franchisor of retail travel agencies. Mr. Driscoll personally sold 176 FDT franchises in 47 states in just 30 months. Each FDT franchise required an investment ranging from $100,000 - $150,000. FDT was ranked the #1 travel franchise for three years by SUCCESS MAGAZINE and ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE. Mr. Driscoll had no prior background or experience in the travel industry prior to joining FDT. He was also responsible for the selection of all retail locations and lease negotiations for all FDT franchisees. 

Mr. Driscoll graduated with a B.S. degree (Dean's List) in Business Administration from Syracuse University and is also a graduate of Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse, New York.

After much careful planning and preparation, 770 HARD CASH is now ready to award franchises to qualified and motivated individuals. We are truly excited about our franchise program because it fills a real void in the real estate investor "fix-and-flip" market: namely, an opportunity to be a part of the booming and lucrative real estate industry without the need for any real estate or mortgage broker licensing or the need to have any construction or real estate experience.

770 HARD CASH is a home-based business that is easily scalable and is inherently lucrative, even if you decide not to hire independent Sales Associates (who are paid on a commission-only basis). Also, the potential income is disproportionately high when compared to the relatively low total investment in a 770 HARD CASH franchise. Additionally, you'll have no territorial restrictions (within the continental U.S.) to limit your growth potential.


It isn't just that 770 Hard Cash is reliable: it's the personal service with knowledgeable staff that actually take your call immediately and then listen to what you need and want to accomplish. I recommend 770 Hard Cash to any real estate rehabber/investor who wants great service from a company that performs.
– Darren M. – Atlanta, GA

I've been a full-time rehabber of single family homes here in Atlanta for more than 3 years. I started out working with another hard-money lender, but after about a year, a friend of mine suggested I try 770 HARD CASH for my next few deals. I'm sure glad I did! There is no doubt in my mind that 2 of my best deals would never have closed with my previous lender because they were so complicated and challenging. Over the last two years I've done all of my loans with 770 HARD CASH and have no plans to change!
– C. Morris – Atlanta, GA

As a relative "newbie" to the world of rehabbing, I didn't know who to trust to be my hard money lender. I had met a Sales Associate of 770 HARD CASH at a weekly meeting of real estate investors and rehabbers, and decided to give them a try. I just closed on my 4th loan with them and recommend them without hesitation. Not only do they perform as promised, but they gave me some great ideas for maximizing curb appeal and for delivering that "WOW" factor when prospective buyers open the front door. Because of their suggestions, my last rehab sold in 4 days and for a full $10,000 more than I planned!
– T. Ross – Atlanta, GA

Although I was successfully rehabbing a couple of single family homes at the same time, my previous hard money lender turned down my third loan application; they said I had to sell at least one of the properties before they would do a third loan for me. My buddy, who got me into the rehab business and who has done more than 16 rehabs, told me to call 770 HARD CASH, since they have no limits on the number of loans that a rehabber can have and they are very easy to work with.
I called them (that was a couple of years ago) and found out very quickly that my friend was right. What he didn’t tell me was that most of their business is repeat business because of the extra effort they make to help ensure that every deal you do maximizes the value you’re creating. 770 HARD CASH has a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them – don’t be bashful about using it!
– Ralph S. – Marietta, GA

I’ll keep this short – 770 HARD CASH is simply the best hard money lender in the business. I’ve used them exclusively for the last few years because of their consistently excellent service, the knowledge that they always perform, knowing that their loan terms are always competitive and that they are experts at overcoming obstacles and challenges.  
– Ron J. – Sandy Springs, GA 


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